Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

Pengertian human capital menurut mark

Menurut Mark L. Leengnick Hall (2003:45-46) yang mengutip beberapa pengertian, human capital diartikan sebagai berikut :

  • Human capital is “the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individual that have economic value to an organization (Bohlander, Snell, & Sherman, 2001)
  • Human capital is “the collective value of an organization’s know-how. Human capital refers to the value, usually not reflected in accounting system, which results from the investment an organization must make to recreate the knowledge in its employees (Cortada & Woods, 1999)
  • Human capital is ”all individual capabilities, the knowledge, skills, and experience of the company’s employees and managers” (Edvinsson & Malone, 1997).

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